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Costs? Expenses Only for non-profits

1.       Southern Sayings of Alabama

 A humorous 45-minute presentation about the common old sayings used by Southerners to express themselves over these many years and some of their origins. Based on the book Delmont’s Slang Blade, 1000 of the Best Sayings from the Great State of Alabama


2.       Tales of Oak Hill Cemetery

A Presentation about the key people buried in Oak Hill Cemetery who were instrumental in founding Birmingham. It also may include some of the reported hauntings that occur in one of Alabama’s most historic and haunted cemeteries.

3.       History of Birmingham

History of Birmingham starting from the early days of Jones Valley before statehood to the founding of Birmingham and to the beginning of the Great Depression.

4.       History of African-Americans in Birmingham

The Story of the black culture from the founding of Birmingham to after the civil rights struggle.

5.       Cuba-a country of Mystique

A Presentation based on the history and the people and places of Cuba. Impressions of the past, current and future for the island country 90 miles from the United States.

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