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Guided Tours - low, low cost to local  non-profit groups

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1.       Red Mountain Park History Tour

The seeds of Birmingham were red. They were the ingots of red iron ore from the mother vain that meandered below the heart Of Red Mountain from Ruffner Mountain to Tannehill. Hear the history of the mines and miners that provided the start of a great industrial city and supported the Civil War efforts and then helped defeat Germany in World War I and World War II. This trip will go to actual mine entrances and through paths that were once a broad railroad network in the beautiful wooded terrain Red Mountain.

2.       Birmingham Black Heritage & Civil Rights Tour

This Tour goes to the actual sites of the events so well-known from the civil rights era. It covers the African-American culture from the time iron and coal were discovered in Jones Valley until after the Civil Rights Act. It includes the culture as exhibited in the Black Baron baseball team at Rickwood Field and the strong jazz tradition at Tuxedo Junction. You will see the Birmingham Jail where Martin Luther King’s letter was written outlining his nonviolent strategy and 16th St. Baptist Church where the strategy was planned. You’ll see signs of violence at Dynamite Hill where KKK bombed black neighborhoods and the bus station where Freedom Riders were beaten with chains. You will visit Kelly Ingram Park where schoolchildren were attacked by fire hoses and police dogs. You will tour The Civil Rights Institute outlining the years of civil rights struggle.

3.       Founding of Birmingham History Tour

This Tour will take you to the areas of Birmingham where the city rose from the mud and became the Magic City. It will take you through the historical district and give the history and insight to the people and places that played a significant role in the founding of Birmingham.

4.       Hoover History Tour

This Tour will go to places that represent the early founding of Hoover Alabama in the 60s. It will cover Aldridge gardens, a very historical Bluff Park and other sites such as Moss Rock Preserve Boulder Fields.

5.       Oak Hills Cemetery Tour

This Is a Walking Tour of graves of the many men and women that were movers and shakers in the founding early Birmingham. It will include stories and backgrounds as told by these very important people of long ago.

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